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Does Apophis Use PowerPoint?

It seems like the debate over “good” and “bad” elearning authoring tools is heating up again. Over the past few weeks I have seen the topic come up across several social media platforms. I think it has been triggered by the release of Articulate Storyline. The usual point of contention in these discussions is PowerPoint, and whether “good” elearning can be developed in that software (spoiler alert: yes!).

PowerPoint¬†is limited – you cannot do everything that custom Flash development can. But you can still powerfully educate and inform, and even move people. One of the biggest proponents of PowerPoint in my life is my 9-year-old daughter. This Mother’s Day she made a PowerPoint presentation for me. The presentation is not about mothers, or even about me. It is about the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

Hieroglyphs and the gods and godess too (this is a PowerPoint show [.ppsx] file)

I may have to have a talk with her about her use of transitions.