Project Management

API Staffing and Scheduling Software Implementation

The Staffing and Scheduling software automates and standardizes scheduling for the organization. Within the software, users are assigned roles based on their duties. Each role requires separate training, and many users have multiple roles. This implementation is occurring in several stages, with about 400-500 employees in each stage.

Employee training is provided by an educator paired with a manager or supervisor from the work area. I train, monitor and coach these trainers. I also ensure the administrative tasks related to the classes are handled (manuals ready, rooms reserved, classes loaded in LMS) so that the trainers can focus on delivering the training.

Although the software vendor provided training manuals, we found that they had to be extensively revised to fit our needs. In addition to the manuals, quick reference job aids are available for the scheduler and employee roles.

Below are some of the tools that I used to organize this effort.

Topic Map

Topic Map for Trainers

Responsibility Matrix

Responsibility Matrix for Educators, Leaders and SMEs

These classes have received a level 3 evaluation using a combination of monitored work and post-training surveys. Evaluation results show that learners use the software appropriately in their work environment. For the scheduler role, 87%  of learners completed required tasks in the software within the expected timeframe without additional reminders.


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