Informal Learning and Performance Support

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 Home Page   Tutorials and videos for Word 2007

Self-directed learning is a good fit in situations in which learners have diverse needs for learning and come to training with a wide range of skill and knowledge levels. When our organization upgraded from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007, I wanted to find a way to avoid holding time-intensive classes that would not meet anyone’s exact learning needs.

To leverage the extensive, high-quality training resources available for free from Microsoft, I developed a SharePoint site to organize those resources and guide learners to their desired topics. The site is available throughout the organization for access to the tutorials and videos at any time; however, many of our employees are not able to work through tutorials during their shift. To provide a quiet, uninterrupted setting for this learning, the organization’s computer labs are reserved for a few hours once a month. An educator is present during this open lab time to answer questions and troubleshoot the computers if any glitches occur.

The training department was concerned that learners would prefer live instruction and feel that the existing Microsoft materials did not meet their needs. Fortunately, feedback from learners indicates that they appreciate being able to focus on the topics they need, and they do not miss live instruction.


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