eLearning (with a short game)

Commingled Recycling

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My organization has been implementing a comprehensive recycling program as part of a “Go Green” initiative. This computer-based training module was designed to mimic a trash sorting game the Go Green team created. In the module, the learner clicks clicks on the appropriate receptacle for the displayed piece of trash, and receives instant feedback about her selection.

This module is really more of a marketing piece than a true learning opportunity. Most departments received this module a few weeks after recycling was implemented for them. The initial communication and education was done at department meetings, and this module served as reinforcement. We have had terrific compliance with our recycling programs.

Click HERE to view the module and test your recycling knowledge!

Late-breaking follow-up: as I was preparing this module for upload to this blog, my eight-year-old daughter asked to play the trash game. “Attracted an 8-year-old” isn’t addressed in Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation, but I think it is pretty convincing evidence of engagement!


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