There’s a short article in USA Today about retailers using apps to help shoppers find items in their stores (link). The article mentions that an estimated 20% of retail sales are lost because shoppers can’t find items! I was thinking about how people are becoming more and more accustomed to on-demand performance support in their daily lives, and about how much productivity and efficiency we’re losing when (20%?) when we don’t provide that in the workplace.

And then it occurred to me – the places that really needs this kind of app are hospitals! Typically cobbled together over decades from buildings of different sizes and aesthetics, hospitals are always tough to navigate. Wayfinding is a perpetual challenge for hospitals and the current state of the art is offering maps, trying to optimize signage and encouraging staff members to walk patients and visitors to their destination. The effectiveness of these methods are spotty (just as they are in the [much simpler] retail environment). An accurate wayfinding app could be a terrific boon to satisfaction in the hospital environment.


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