Sincerest Form of Flattery

I’m still relatively new in my job, and the job is a new one for the organization. This means that there are still many people who do not know who I am or how I can help them. I’ve been holding meetings (lots and lots of meetings) to get the word out, but recently I got a terrific idea for how to market my services.

Inspired by Nicole Legault, I created an infographic to describe my role. I could use it to demonstrate my design skills, as well as leave colleagues with some key information about elearning, me and my role.

I originally tried to develop an original design, but found myself completely stuck. After a couple of hours of impotent fiddling, I decided to copy one of Nicole’s layouts. This decision expedited my process, but also made me feel like a giant poser. I’m a good designer, so I should be able to formulate my own design, right? Mimicking the existing design allowed me to get a deeper understanding of how the original was put together. And to cut myself a little slack, the first time I created elearning, I borrowed designs and elements from other courses and other visual designs.

My end result: eLearning infographic


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  1. Nicole Legault

    I am extremely flattered! The poser comment made me laugh out loud. It looks really good and if it makes you feel any better I always go do a google image search of infographics to get inspired of how I will do my layout… So i guess I am a bit of a “poser” too I think we all are! It’s a matter of finding something you like but then making it your own, which you did! Awesome work 🙂

  2. I love your infographic Jasmine – now I’m feeling inspired too! I haven’t created any infographics yet, must have a go soon!

  3. Have “pinned” it on my Pinterest page, with your link.

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