eLearning Update

Our training department has been working hard to get better at creating eLearning modules. We’re working entirely in PowerPoint, but that application can do a lot of things to support learning if it is used correctly (and so many things to hinder it if not). I recently redesigned a module on patient bracelets – every patient who comes into the hospital receives a bracelet for identification, and they can collect more if they have allergies or other conditions.

Here is a slide from the original module:

Slide from old eLearning moduleOne thing that jumped out at me was how color was used (or maybe more precisely, not used) in the module. Some of the bracelets are color-coded so that a caregiver knows at a glance that, for exampe, the red bracelet indicates some kind of allergy. Those kinds of color cues were not used in the original module.

Here’s some of the redesigned module:

Slide from new eLearning moduleSlide from new eLearning moduleI worked to make it as visual as possible, showing the actual bracelets in color. This is still not an eLearning module that would win industry awards. But not every module needs audio, video, and interactive elements. The content here is simple, and the simple module (8 slides total) suits it.

Redesigning something like this can be a little sensitive. The person who originally created this module is a current coworker, someone I like and admire. So it takes a soft touch to communicate that I’m giving it a redesign.


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